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Saudi Advanced Technologies (SAT) is a Saudi consultancy with a global footprint, devoted to helping businesses create and capture more value.

We combine end-to-end solutions delivery with a flexible engagement model that gives our clients access to the very best technology talent in the marketplace with the ability to shift approach and scale as project needs change. Here’s how we differentiate:



No one does what we do, the way we do it.

At Saudi Advanced Technologies, we take a consultative approach to technology projects.
Our objective? To understand your business and be the experts you need to realise your vision.

Development & Operations

Building and getting services out to market with increasing speed, quality & accountablity.

  • Build & Deploy Business Applications
  • Testing & Test Automation
  • Security and full DevSecOps

Websites as a Service

Websites run as an ongoing service, not a one off project to avoid CapEx, move to OpEx

  • DriveLEAD: Auto dealers, repair centres and services
  • MedicalLEAD: Medical & dental clinics, skincare centres
  • LifestyLEAD: Gyms, Spas, Retail.

Security & Monitoring

Use modern & advanced technologies to increase critical infrastructure protection.

  • Artificial Intelligence, Deep-Machine Learning
  • Business Intelligence, System Automation
  • Virtual Reality &Augmented Reality

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If you are just getting started with a new project,
We will want to meet with you to understand your organization and business objectives and discuss how we might work together to solve your challenges.

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8180 Makkah Street, Al Khubar 34626 - 3065, KSA

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